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Joe Biden Wins

Taken at the intersection of Biltmore and Patton avenues, Asheville, NC the day it was clear Joe Biden was elected president, defeating Donald Trump. There was dancing in the streets. Actual dancing in the streets.

Posted June 13, 2021. Click on photo to enlarge.

Evening basketball in Forsyth Park

Saw this scene as I walked to pick up a to-go dinner. There are pick-up basketball games everyday across America. What struck me about this one was the lushness of the nature surrounding the court. Almost like they were playing in the middle of a low-country forest.

Posted June 6, 2021. Click on photo to enlarge.

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Demolition of Vance Monument

Formerly at the intersection of Patton and Biltmore avenues, this obelisk was a monument to Zebulon Vance. Born nearby, Vance was a slave owner and North Carolina governor during the Civil War. In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, the community decided to remove the monument following the 11-1 vote of a city/county task force convened to recommend the monument's future.

Posted June 3, 2021. Click on photo to enlarge.

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